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What's the biggest thing you've done for your business lately?

How about having an entire marketing team at your fingertips?

What about an extra $500 to use in your startup? 



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Welcome to our “Powered By“ program! It‘s as simple as adding an entire full-service marketing division to your business without the overhead, training, investment and growing pains of doing so. Our program offers the opportunity for businesses, that aren‘t able to offer high-end marketing and design to their clients, to build out a more robust one-stop-shop identity. This is an amazing tool for client recruiting, retention and growth. We want to help you compete with the big dogs, without the growing pains that take years to even get into the same ring. Here‘s to the future of business growth, on a fast-paced, low-risk, high-reward stage.

An entire marketing team, branded to YOUR TC/Real Estate Support business name. Ex: "Your Name Marketing Powered by SHEP"
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You'll receive a Complimentary LAUNCH marketing campaign to announce your new division - designed & customized to your branding!
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Think bigger without the hassle of hiring, firing, recruiting, training, vacation/sick day coverage, system development and huge costs. Think smarter, not harder!
Your new marketing team isn't JUST for your clients, but you as well! As a Powered by SHEP Partner, you enjoy complimentary LAUNCH marketing + 10% off all marketing design for life!
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Use your new marketing team has an opportunity for recruiting, retention and touch-points for your business! 
Convenience of being able to use ONE company for multiple services is a huge win for agents. It's also one of the biggest factors when signing with a new service and choosing to stay.
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No costs. Seriously, we're not kidding. We're creating leverage & building partnerships to create some seriously huge growth opportunities in the TC / Real Estate Support business world. We're in this to change the industry, and we don't take that goal lightly.
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What does it look like to get setup? We have an easy 30 day onboarding process that leads up to your LAUNCH day. We guide you step-by-step each week, provide all communication points, e-mail templates, systems and Q&A packet for you/your team. #leverage
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