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Our SHEP team is a blend of marketing-obsessed rockstars, graphic designers, content curators, SEO/SEM specialists, social media managers and business development specialists. With experience in sports advertising, publishing, executive sales, copy writing, web design, franchise marketing, international brand development, medical marketing, influencer branding and more - our team combines to provide extensive experience, range and approach in many industries and methods. SHEP is a unique blend of spices that work together to produce the best marketing dish for our clients. 

Why do we do What we do? (bonus points awarded if you can say that 4 times fast)

We believe that if you don't have authentic passion for what you do, then what's the point in doing it? It's very simple - we LOVE what we do, and we want to help clients use their passions to do what they love. It's as straight-forward as passionate people partnering with other passionate people to build legacies. 

Who do we Work With?

We partner with a wide range of business types, sizes and in various industries across the globe. We're in it for the authentic, passionate, wake-up-every-morning with a hunger for what you do business owners. We want to be the marketing team in your back pocket - the ones you can rely on for all your marketing needs now and in 5 years from now. The ones you trust to carry your vision, your brand connect with your audience for years to come!

Where are we Located?

Our agency was built on the foundation that travel is an essential element to a successful agency, so we opened our entire agency up to remote positions and encourage all our team members to explore this beautiful earth and use that inspiration in all that they do for our clients! So while our home base is in South Carolina, our team reaches from Alaska to Germany and everywhere in between.


Passionate Recruiting: 

When building our agency, our founder knew she wanted to infuse purpose into every part of the agency, and that included recruiting our team. Therefore, we recruit our team talent primarily from professional sports families and military families to support and further careers of those talented individuals who are passionate about what they do and are required to travel + live in multiple states/countries in a given year to keep their families together. We couldn't have dreamed of the amazing people that have come through our agency's doors and feel extremely blessed to work with the talent we have connected with!


Helping Clients Thrive without Being in the Same Room:

We live in a highly digital age and are experts at creating client relationships and maintaining strong communication 

through technology so you can feel secure knowing you'll receive top rated services as if we were right by your side.



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