Our SHEP team is a blend of marketing-obsessed gurus, graphic designers, content curators, SEO/SEM specialists, social media managers and business development specialists. With experience in sports advertising, publishing, executive sales, copy writing, web design, franchise marketing, international brand development, medical marketing, influencer branding and more - our team combines to provide extensive experience, range and approaches in many industries and methods. SHEP is a unique blend of spices to work together to produce the best marketing dish for our clients. 

Where are we located? Our agency was built on the foundation of living a lifestyle of travel while building a full agency and network of people across the globe. We wanted the dental practice in Michigan to have access to design trends from a design conference we attended in Budapest and beyond. Connecting the world through design and marketing has been our passion from day one. Therefore, when we were building our team we focused on hiring specifically from professional sports families and military families to support and further careers of those talented individuals who are passionate about what they do and have a need to live in multiple states and countries in a given year. 


We live in a highly digital age and are experts at creating client relationships and maintaining strong communication 

through technology so you can feel secure knowing you'll receive top rated services as if we were right by your side.